GOP Rep Blasts Newsweek’s Palin Cover

Created: November 17, 2009 16:03 | Last updated: July 31, 2020 00:00

Rep. Lamar Smith (R-Texas), one of the GOP’s leading voices against liberal media bias — he heads the Congressional Media Fairness Caucus and keynoted this year’s Accuracy in Media conference – gave a floor speech today attacking Newsweek for running a cover image of Sarah Palin in tight workout duds.

The text:

The poster to my left of Newsweek’s cover story features former Vice President Al Gore with the caption, “The Thinking Man’s Thinking Man.”

The previous Newsweek cover featured President Obama with the caption, “Yes He Can” – a variation of his campaign slogan.

Before that it was Vice President Biden – “A Vice President to be Reckoned With.”

And Newsweek’s latest cover features Governor Sarah Palin and says she is “Bad News.”

It’s no wonder five out of six Americans say the national media are biased, according to a recent public opinion poll.

If you just want the liberal slant, read Newsweek. If you want the fact and news, you might want to look elsewhere.