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Won’t Somebody Think of the White Men?


From the conservative Committee for Justice, a key player in judicial nomination fights, comes this reaction to the nominations of one Hispanic and one African-American judge to circuit court slots.

Does President Obama or his advisors believe that southern white men are likely to be bigoted, making them unfit to serve on the second most powerful court in the land? We hope not and readily concede that it is difficult to know if any such stereotype lurks in the White House. The absence of southern white male circuit nominees could, instead, be an innocent coincidence or the not-so-innocent byproduct of a judicial selection process dominated by racial and gender preferences.

But regardless of the reason for the pattern we noted in 2007 and again now, even the appearance that Democrats are biased against southern white men is a potential problem for the party generally, and for President Obama’s goal of transcending old racial divisions.

Read the whole thing, which puts this in better context but still comes off as a little tone-deaf.

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