NY-23: Scozzafava Robocalls for Owens

November 02, 2009 | Last updated: July 31, 2020

Casey Seller has the audio, which is also posted here by Shaun Dakin. Here’s a transcript:

Hi, this is Dede Scozzafava calling on behalf of Bill Owens.  And I wanted to let you know that I am supporting Bill for Congress.

Since beginning of my campaign I have said that this election is not about me, it’s about the people of this district.  It’s not in the cards for me to be your representative but I strongly believe Bill Owens is the only candidate who can build upon John McHugh’s lasting legacy in Congress.

In Bill Owens I see a sense of duty and integrity.  He will be an independent voice, devoted to doing what is right for New York.  To address the tough challenges ahead we must rise above partisanship and politics, and work together.

Please join me in voting for Bill Owens on Tuesday.