Which Bloggers Fell for the Bill Ayers Prank?

Created: October 07, 2009 15:56 | Last updated: July 31, 2020 00:00

Before it’s all lost to the memory hole, here are the top bloggers who were duped by Bill Ayers’ sarcastic “confession” of authorship of Barack Obama’s first memoir:

I am not sure what to make of the story that Ayers has now admitted to writing Obama’s autobiography. If it pans out, that is to my mind a very big story. Stay tuned. But I do think I should revise my earlier pooh-poohing of Jack Cashill’s effort to prove the Ayers-Obama connection.

I don’t know if Ayers wrote it or not, but I’m entirely confident that Obama didn’t. Very few politicians and public figures write their own books, and Obama is far too much of an empty suit to have written the two that have his name on them.

- Carol Platt Lieblau of Townhall.com.

One has to wonder why no one in the MSM ever thought of simply asking “Professor” Ayers the same question. Will anyone in the MSM bother to follow up?

Something can be the truth even if reduced to a joke… I think the Dreams story is pretty accessible – Ayers is Obama’s ghost-writer.

Was he, as she had asked, pulling our collective legs? Other sources report rumors that Ayers is very upset both about not getting any credit for helping Obama on ‘Dreams,’ and may also be put off by being summarily thrown under the bus along with Rev. Wright and everyone else who becomes an inconvenience to this President.

Will Obama issue a denial of Ayers’ accusation? Will the usually compliant press ask a real question for once? Probably neither, which is too bad.

And finally, sort of, the fantasy-inclined Ann Althouse.

Let’s say he did write it. Well, he’s not really admitting that. He’s making fun of the way some conservative bloggers think they’ve found evidence that he wrote it. He knows most sensible people believe their evidence is bullshit, and this has been amusing to him because he — in this scenario of mine — knows that, actually,* they are right*.

The last two bloggers are law professors.

Benjy Sarlin talked to Ayers for the definitive response to all this.

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