The Continuing Ballad of Orly Taitz

October 06, 2009 | Last updated: July 31, 2020

It’s a day of mixed news for the Pied Piper of the “birther” movement. The bad news: Taitz’s case, Keyes v. Obama, got a hearing in Santa Ana, an event that had been built up on WorldNetDaily and other far-right sites as a possible turning point in the battle against the president. According to liveblogs from the scene, however, Judge David Carter (whom birthers thought to be an ally because he served in the Marine Corps) revealed himself as the latest puppet of the Obama administration.

Taitz said that the judge she saw today in court is not the same man who said he wanted to move this case along and resolve it on the merits. Taitz made no attempt to hide her feelings that “something has happened” between the Sept. 8 hearing and today’s hearing. Taitz gave a powerful and impassioned closing argument that electrified the the gallery who broke into applause and cheers on two occasions. The judge perhaps not wanting to be booed off the bench in his own courtroom opted for the safe approach and said that he would take the matter under submission.

When in doubt, accuse the judge of being pressured by the attorney general.That’s what Taitz is doing in Georgia, too. Read all of the posts there; the birthers seem to be convinced that yelling at the judge is key to getting him on their side.

The good news for Taitz? The Washington Post gave her a lengthy profile in the paper’s Style section, and it’s possibly the least critical thing ever written about this severely disturbed person who’s encouraging the military to rebel against the elected president of the United States.

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