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A Glenn Beck/Birther Nexus?

Here’s a strange story. On Sept. 8, Orly Taitz gave a press conference outside a California courthouse, during which she invited a small cast of characters to

Adan Duran
Last updated: Jul 31, 2020 | Sep 18, 2009

Here’s a strange story. On Sept. 8, Orly Taitz gave a press conference outside a California courthouse, during which she invited a small cast of characters to give statements. Taitz introduced a man named Marc Harris as “a reporter for Glenn Beck show (sic), number one radio show, and Fox News,” and Harris told reporters and assembled activists to attend a 9/12 protest in Los Angeles. They’d be celebrating “smaller government, less taxation, more freedom, and legal citizens occupying the White House.”

At that point, a man interrupted Harris to tell him what Beck should cover.

MAN: I respect everything Mr. Beck is doing. I’m sure we all do. He’s out there on the forefront. But he’s not addressing this issue. If we cut the head off of the dragon, a lot of these other issues will take care of themselves.


MAN: I wish Mr. Beck would, you know, step up to the plate and talk about this issue, because he keeps saying to his listeners on the radio, and on TV, stand up for the Constitution.

HARRIS: Sir, I can cut a lot of your emotion. We’re working on it. It’s a matter of time. We’re working on Van Jones and the czars first, and the obvious targets. We were successful there. We’re moving our way up. We’re moving our way up.

MAN: Yeah, well, he needs to talk — he talks the talk, but he doesn’t always walk the walk.

HARRIS: That’s why I’m here. Thank you very much.

Harris did speak at the 9/12 Los Angeles protest, and introduced himself a little more humbly.

My name is Marc Harris. I am a writer and researcher–I work with the Glenn Beck Show. I just gather and give them information, I don’t do anything else.

I found Harris’s number on Thursday night and called him to ask what, exactly, he did for Beck. Harris repeatedly asked me my name and affiliation and told me to “have Stu call me,” referring to Beck’s executive producer/head writer Steven “Stu” Burguiere. So I put out feelers to Burguiere and will see what comes up. Based on Harris’s tone and the speed with which he hung up, it’s unclear whether he actually has a working relationship with the show or whether he is a freelancer who wants to sound more important than he is. Whatever the case, word is traveling through the birther community that Beck is interested in the Obama conspiracies, based in large part on this video.

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