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Military Contractor Employee Alleges Torture by Obama Administration


Seeking to dismiss criminal fraud charges against him, Raymond Azar, a 45-year-old Lebanese construction manager working for an English contractor, has charged that he was seized in Afghanistan and tortured before before being sent to Virginia to face trial.

Scott Horton reports on the case and provides links to all the court documents on The Huffington Post.

Azar claims he was threatened and coerced into signing a confession in ways that amounted to torture. He says he was hooded, strip-searched, photographed naked, exposed to extreme cold and sleep-deprived. He also alleges that while he was driven to the U.S. prison at the Bagram air base, a federal agent “pulled a photograph of Azar’s wife and four children from his wallet” and said he’d better confess to bribing a contract officer if he ever wanted to see them again.

The government denies that charge and calls Azar’s claims of torture “hyperbolic.”

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