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Alex Jones and the ‘Joker’ Meme

Last updated: July 31, 2020 | August 10, 2009 | Stefano Mclaughlin

The fringe radio host made good on his promise to broadcast in “Joker” pancake make-up, then hit the streets to put up “Obama=Joker” posters. Jones is pushing his own version of the poster, pointing to “” instead of labeling President Obama a “socialist,” because “socialism is bad, but it’s not as bad as fascism!”

“Let’s let Obama and his foreign bank handlers know that we’re aware of their criminal activities,” says Jones, taking a meme that began on the Drudge Report and taking it way into the political badlands.

Stefano Mclaughlin | For the first five years of his career, Stefano worked as a financial advisor on state and local tax matters, developing internal marketing technology for his multinational tax business. With over 12 years of experience designing high-performance web applications and interactive interactions, Stefano is now a marketing technology specialist and founder.

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