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‘Dr. Ron Polarik,’ Exposed

For nearly one year, a mysterious graphics expert who goes by the name Dr. Ron Polarik has claimed to have proven that the certificate of live birth

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For nearly one year, a mysterious “graphics expert” who goes by the name “Dr. Ron Polarik” has claimed to have proventhat the certificate of live birth provided by Barack Obama’s presidential campaign is forged. “Polarik’s” lengthy analysis, posted at his blog, became the basis for people like Jerome Corsi to saythat Obama’s COLB is “false” or “fake.” The mysterious expert even signed an affidavitmaking his claims, although he declined to use his real name there; he signed it “XXXXXXXXXXXX,” making it inadmissable as evidence, but fueling “birther” conspiracies regardless.
Now, blogger Loren Collins claims to have unmasked“Polarik” and found Ronald Jay Polland, a Florida researcher and consultant.
He accuses Polland of lacking the degrees and expertise that he’s claimed—claims that have really fed these conspiracy theories.
His trade is in statistics and surveys. He has no degrees relating to computers or technology. He is not a computer expert; he has usedcomputers. He is not a scanner expert; he has usedscanners. At , he is an amateur photography buff. He may have a doctorate, true, but it is in a field wholly unrelated to computer technology. Just see Florida State University’s program profile. Even had he signed his real name to his ‘XXXXXXXXX’ declaration, he still would not have qualified as an expert in the field in which he was attempting to provide expert testimony. Polland would never survive a Daubert challenge, and any lawyer would be foolish to attempt to pass him off as an expert on these matters.
I obtained two phone numbers for “Polland,” but got one wrong number (on the other line, a nice man who said he’d been getting other calls about this) and one line that rang 12 times without going to voicemail.
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