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The Not-So-Secret RNC Health Care Memo

Last updated: July 31, 2020 | July 21, 2009 | Hajra Shannon

I hate to pour cold water on Sam Stein here, but the Republican National Committee health care memo from Alex Castellanos that I quote from in my story today is not new or secret. It went out on July 7, and the RNC has happily passed it on to reporters. Byron York makes similar hay out of the Castellanos memo in his story today, a breathless report about how the word “experiment” has risen from the GOP’s focus groups … something reported in this memo two full weeks ago.

This is something of a meta-story, an insight into how confident the RNC is about the health care debate. What gets reported at The Huffington Post as a “document obtained from a Democratic source” gets reported at the Examiner as a sneak peak inside the RNC, complete with a quote from an anonymous “strategist.” Of course, in both cases the RNC is getting reporters to write about what a crackerjack job it’s doing of framing the health care debate. Dana Milbank gets at the really interesting part of this, the man-behind-the-curtain message discipline, in his column about Michael Steele’s speech yesterday.

Anyway, here’s the memo:

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