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Monica Conyers Identified in Federal Corruption Investigation « The Washington Independent

Jul 31, 202010016 Shares715400 Views
More news from Michigan:
City Councilwoman Monica Conyers has been identified in an FBI bribery probe as “Council Member A,” the city official investigators say received more than $6,000 in cash bribes in exchange for a deciding vote that approved a $1.2 billion sewage disposal contract with the waste management company Synagro Technologies.
According to a reportfrom The Associated Press early Wednesday morning, Conyers is now the target of the FBI probe that lead two Synagro representatives to plead guilty this year. James Rosendall, the former Synagro Technologies vice president in Michigan and consultant Rayford Jackson have both pleaded guilty to counts of bribing the city official, now identified as Conyers.
In 2007, Monica Conyers, who is married to Congressman John Conyers Jr., was the deciding vote in the $1.2 billion contract with Synagro. She had been opposed to the contract early on but changed her vote to approve the deal.
The councilwoman has been offered a plea deal which she has yet to accept to avoid federal prosecution.
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