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Shorter Dick Cheney: ’9/11′


Former Vice President Dick Cheney’s speech really begins when explains why the Bush administration wasn’t so popular when it came to a close.

Our administration always faced its share of criticism, and from some quarters it was always intense. That was especially so in the later years of our term, when the dangers were as serious as ever, but the sense of general alarm after September 11th, 2001 was a fading memory.

From there, Cheney talks about the run-up to 9/11, the events of 9/11, where he was on 9/11 (“I’ll freely admit that watching a coordinated, devastating attack on our country from an underground bunker at the White House can affect how you view your responsibilities”), the aftermath of 9/11 (“We could count on almost universal support back then, because everyone understood the environment we were in”), the temporary patriotism of the media (“After 9/11, the Times had spent months publishing the pictures and the stories of everyone killed by al-Qaeda on 9/11″), the threat of a “9/11 with nuclear weapons,” and how the administration prevented another 9/11. In all, he mentions “September 11″ or “9/11″ 25 times.

The key, penultimate reference:

We said we would never forget what had happened on 9/11, even if the day came when many others did forget.

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Hmm. Is one of those “others” in the White House?

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