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Original Obama Birther Running for Senate in 2010

May 20, 2009 | Last updated: July 31, 2020

Andy Martin, the Chicago “Internet powerhouse” (his own words!) who started the unfounded rumor that Barack Obama was a secret Muslim and later pushed the unfounded rumor that he wasn’t born in America, has launched his umpteenth campaign. He’s running for Obama’s old U.S. Senate seat in 2010. From Martin’s Website:

Andy Martin is a candidate for U. S. Senator in 2010. He wants to maintain the Republican Party as a conservative party but modernize its policy stands and open the party to full participation by every American. Andy favors inclusive social policies and is a strong supporter of the right to privacy. Andy will represent the public interest, not the special interests, in Washington.

On the same page, Martin hints at his years of fruitless attacks on the president, arguing that his self-published “book and ongoing disclosures probably cost Obama millions of votes and held down his electoral victory.”

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