Lt. Dan for President

May 11, 2009 | Last updated: July 31, 2020

Nicolle Wallace — the McCain campaign veteran most despised by the base — as they believe she was the one leaking damaging lines about Sarah Palin — tells the GOP to look beyond Alaska and toward “CSI: New York.”

One Republican I know suggested [ed - Why is this anonymously sourced? Isn't she suggesting this?] that actor Gary Sinise might be our savior. According to news reports, he’s part of an underground group of conservatives in Hollywood—an act of bravery in itself. His stated belief in American exceptionalism might end up being a powerful contrast to Obama’s “American apologist” mantra. The natural strengths that an actor brings to politics would come in handy to anyone going up against Obama in 2012.

It’s not “according” to anything. Sinise is pretty open about his conservatism. Simply by writing this in the Daily Beast, Wallace has probably gotten the ball rolling on Sinise getting asked more about his politics, and it will be interesting to see whether he agrees that “American exceptionalism” means “never acknowledging other countries’ political complaints about the United States to get diplomatic favors from them.”