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Begun, This Birther War Has

May 05, 2009 | Last updated: July 31, 2020

Ben Smith points us to the lawsuit that original Barack Obama “Birther” Phil Berg has filed against … well, not everyone in the movement, but pretty close. The defendants in his long, incoherent-as-always filing:

Orly Taitz a/k/a Dr. Orly Taitz a/k/a Law Offices of Orly Taitz a/k/a Orly Taitz, Inc; Defend our Freedoms Foundation; Yosef Taitz; Neil Sankey; The Sankey Firm, Sankey, Sankey Investigations, Inc., James Sundquist; Rock Salt Publishing; Linda Sue Belcher a/k/a Linda S. Belcher a/k/a Linda Starr a/k/a Newwomensparty a/k/a Stitchenwitch a/k/a Eva Braun a/k/a Web Sergeant a/k/a Katy a./k/a;  Edgar (Ed) Hale a/k/a JD Smith; Caren Hale; Bar H Farms; Plains Radio Network, Inc. a/k/a Plains Radio; and KPRN AM 1610

Larry Sinclair, a convicted felon who has made the leap from a credibility-challenged Obama accuser to an all-purpose Obama obsessive, is “glad that people have started standing up and fighting back when they are slandered and libel (sic) by anyone.

As idiotic as all of this is, it’s noteworthy that President Obama’s conspiracy-minded foes are much, much weaker, and have much less punching power in the media, than President Clinton’s did at this point in his presidency.

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