Gays Stage Tea Parties to Protest Actual Unfair Tax Policies

Created: April 15, 2009 12:52 | Last updated: July 31, 2020 00:00

While conservatives are planning nationwide “Tea Parties” protesting taxes — and even same-sex marriage — same-sex couples are planning some tea parties of their own, to protest the government overcharging them. The rationale: because same-sex couples are not recognized by the federal government, they face higher taxes than straight married couples.

Couples around the country will be handing out fliers at post offices educating Americans about this unfairness in the tax code. A group in Boston is even throwing their tax forms into the Boston Harbor.

“It doesn’t matter how long a same-sex couple has been together, come Tax Day they are considered single by the federal government,” states a press release from Join the Impact. “As single people, they must pretend their finances and their futures are not intertwined and forgo access to the many economic safety nets their tax dollars help fund, such as Social Security survivor benefits, estate tax deferral when inheriting property, and the ability to file taxes jointly. Every year, LGBT people are forced to pay taxes on their partner’s health care benefits as if it were additional income.”

Protests are scheduled in Wisconsin, Iowa and South Dakota today.

Andy Birkey is a reporter for TWI’s sister site, The Minnesota Independent.