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Norquist: Specter to Oppose Cloture on EFCA


Speaking at a labor issues conference in Washington, Grover Norquist of Americans for Tax Reform said that Sen. Arlen Specter (R-Penn.) had just decided to vote against cloture on the Employee Free Choice Act. Scott Hoeflich, Specter’s chief of staff, called Norquist to give him a heads up before Specter reads his statement on the Senate floor today.

UPDATE: ATR has its own announcement:

Senator Specter’s Office has confirmed to ATR that he will vote against both cloture and passage on the Employee Free Choice Act (also known as “card check” or the employee NO choice act). His vote is critical and this a major victory for freedom, as well as a stunning defeat for the other side.

I talked to Norquist after his speech; he was confident that Specter’s vote would hold up even against a compromise that would remove “card check” from EFCA while keeping mandatory arbitration. “We have 41 votes,” said Norquist. “[Sen. Olympia] Snowe (R-Maine) and [Sen. Susan] Collins [R-Maine] know what the game is.”

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