Editing Libel Out of Wikipedia = Vandalism

Created: March 09, 2009 16:17 | Last updated: July 31, 2020 00:00

I won’t link to WorldNetDaily unless I have to, and unless I’m typing with lead-lined gloves. But Matt Drudge linked the conspiracy site’s story about Wikipedia deleting Barack Obama Birther conspiracies, and the mysteriously popular GatewayPundit informs us that this is tyranny.

Communist tyrany (sic) Joseph Stalin routinely **air-brushed his enemies **out of photographs.

Wikipedia airbrushes any controversial information about Dear Leader from its webpage including his 20 year relationship with mentor Jeremiah Wright and his long relationship with terrorist Bill Ayers.

The Ayers comment is a lie: Wikipedia maintains a comprehensive page on the Ayers-Obama relationship. As it should. For one, Ayers and President Obama actually knew other. For another, it was a legitimate campaign issue pushed by Sen. John McCain and Sen. Hillary Clinton. Obama’s main page doesn’t mention Ayers, but readers can follow the links to Ayers pages. And this is fairly typical Wikipedia page management. George W. Bush’s page doesn’t even go into the CIA leak case, for example. It simply provides a link to that scandal’s Wikipedia page.

As to WND’s main complaint, that Wikipedia is “completely lacking… any mention of the well-publicized concerns surrounding Obama’s eligibility to serve as commander-in-chief,” that’s also untrue: Wikipedia maintains a page about discredited Obama conspiracy theories, just as it maintains a page on 9/11 conspiracy theories. What WND and Gateway Pundit are complaining about is the refusal of moderators to let racist, libelous junk into its main page on Obama.

UPDATE: See, here’s why I post about this stuff. Two hours after my write-up, Instapundit links Gateway Pundit with the headline “Still airbrushing Obama’s Wikipedia page.” And thus, a false story from a conspiracy web site gets promoted by a mainstream author and law professor.