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‘Socialism’ Watch: Jim Cramer

March 02, 2009 | Last updated: July 31, 2020

Jim Geraghty alerts us to Jim Cramer’s new promotion for his CNBC show, Mad Money — Jim will show you how to “Obama-proof” your portfolio! I’m not sure how President Obama was to blame when Cramer told viewers to buy Bear Stearns right before it collapsed, but let’s move on.

The really interesting part of Cramer’s pitch is the language he uses to character the president and the Democrats. Like Republicans at the Conservative Political Action Conference, Cramer compares the majority party to Russian communists.

Government of, by, and for the corporation is perishing from the Earth … our country is now run by a president and a Bolshevik-leaning Democratic Party that are unfavorable to stocks and the people who own them.

Cramer recommends that voters buy the Obama-proof BHP Billiton, which dropped eight percent on Monday.

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