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February 26, 2009 | Last updated: July 31, 2020

Yesterday, I got cold-called by a volunteer from Rep. Ron Paul’s (R-Texas) Campaign for Liberty, the organization he set up after his presidential bid ended. I was played a recorded message from Paul, warning that “President Obama was going to be a nightmare for liberty,” and introducing John Tate, who runs the CFL and promised to send me a “liberty ballot” with which I could vote on the organization’s strategy. He also asked for $100.

I bring this up because last night I ran into an old friend from Paul’s network who told me that the ex-candidate has raised $300,000 in February, so far, for the Campaign for Liberty. The economic crisis has been fantastic for Paul’s causes.

While Republicans have jumped from message to message and attack to attack, Paul has relentlessly pounded the Federal Reserve and both parties for causing the crisis and triggering inflation by debasing the currency. Whenever Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke appears before the House Financial Services Committee, Paul grills him on Austrian economics, creating YouTube clips at least as popular as the GOP’s official videos.

It’s sort of amazing that after raising $35 million for his presidential race, Paul could still be an “underground” phenomenon. But he is. I’m told more than 100 Paul volunteers are in town for CPAC, with more coming, united in the goal of filling the room for Paul’s Friday, 4 p.m. speech and leaving to make sure that former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney has a smaller audience.

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