Just Ignore Everything Richard Perle Says for the Rest of His Life

Created: February 20, 2009 13:37 | Last updated: July 31, 2020 00:00

Smart progressives like Christy Hardin Smith, Eric Martin, and Steve Benen are overthinking Richard Perle’s insistence that neoconservative foreign policy doesn’t exist. This is all a childish ruse to get a rise out of people — Perle says something obviously untrue; his ideological opponents Google madly to prove him wrong; Perle wins by the number of chains yanked. Steve sees the game at work here and recommends ridiculing Perle. Let me go a step further: just don’t bother with the man.

Neoconservatism after Iraq is communism after the end of the Soviet Union. Treat Perle like you treat the men in colorful robes who stand in front of the subway claiming to be the lost tribe of Israel, because he’s just as foolish and conspiracy-minded. Avoid eye contact, shuffle awkwardly to your destination and put him out of your mind.