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Democrats Might Tap Independent Candidate for Gillibrand Seat « The Washington Independent

Jul 31, 2020732 Shares365782 Views
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I’m hearing that New York Assemblyman Tim Gordon, who represents a chunk of Senator-designate Kirsten Gillibrand’s open House seat in New York’s 20th Congressional District, is being courted by Democrats to run in the March special election. The sticking point: Gordon is a member of the Independence Party, not the Democrats. But Democrats in one of the most Republican congressional districts in New York, facing a much stronger Republican bench, may be willing to overlook that, as Gordon’s politics are not far off from Gillibrand’s.
“He sits with [Democratic Assembly Speaker] Sheldon Silver and caucuses with the Democrats,” said New York political consultant Kyle Kotary. “Democratic county chairs consider him one of their own. He’s like Gillibrand in that he won a district he was never supposed to win, and then got re-elected by a landslide.”
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