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Obama Outlines Energy Agenda


Before signing new executive orders on his green agenda this morning, President Obama laid out three priorities in the areas of energy independence, fuel efficiency and emissions.

“This moment of peril must be turned into one of progress,” he pledged. Noting today’s announcements of huge job cuts at Caterpillar, Sprint and Home Depot, he emphasized the need to rebuild the economy with an eye toward sustainability and green jobs.

On energy independence: “Embedded in the American soil, wind and sun … we have the capacity to change. … America will not be held hostage by dwindling resources.”

On fuel efficiency: “We must ensure that the fuel efficient cars of tomorrow are built right here.” He will implement stricter fuel efficiency standards beginning in 2011.

On emissions: Washington will no longer “stand in the way” of the efforts by California and other states to enact stricter emissions standards than those in place nationally.

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