Punditin’ Ain’t Easy

January 13, 2009 | Last updated: July 31, 2020

One of the Right’s most prolific online political writers, Jennifer Rubin, puts out a story today headlined “Obama’s Centrism Could Drive the GOP Out of Business.”

The greatest champion of liberals (they thought) is on the verge of repudiating their agenda. But he is also undermining the opposition. The result may be that centrist nirvana which many have pined for these many years.

Same author, two weeks ago:

The Obama transition team, soon to be the Obama administration, is concocting a reenactment of the New Deal. [...]

If you think this sounds half-baked and suffers from historical amnesia, you are right.

Same author, right before the election:

Obama has presented a certain face to the voters and we should see if it matches up to the face he showed others before he imagined anyone outside his circle of like-minded comrades might take particular notice.

I forgot to note the source of this articles. Rubin is the Washington editor of Pajamas Media, whose owners are currently crowing about the “618,000 hits” you get when googling “Joe the Plumber” and “Israel” and bragging that their decision to send the extremely bored plumber to cover a war has “started a war of its own.”

As Terry Wogan once said to David Icke: Guys, they’re laughing at you.