Emails Reveal the True Brad Schlozman

Created: January 13, 2009 13:10 | Last updated: July 31, 2020 00:00

If you’re looking for some insight into who exactly Bradley Schlozman, the Department of Justice official found to be behind the politicization at the agency’s Civil Rights Division, is and how he thinks, you need look no further than his e-mail.

The report released today from the DOJ has some choice quotes from Schlozman, that not only expose his breaking of federal law, but also his rather theatrical writing style, self-importance and bizarre rants against “commies,” “Pinkos” and “libs.”

In a footnote on page 21 of the report, Schlozman writes a friend contrasting his job as U.S. Attorney with his position in the Civil Rights Division. “I too get to work with mold spores,” he writes. “But here in Civil Rights, we call them Voting Section Attorneys.” He later continues, further describing his new position:

It has been months since I felt the need to scream with a blood-curdling cry at some commie, partisan subordinate (i.e., most of the [Voting] section staff until recently). And I feel like the people I now work with are all complete professionals. What a weird change. Granted, these changes are nice in many respects, but bitchslapping a bunch of [Division] attorneys really did get the blood pumping and was even enjoyable once in a while. I think now it’s all Good Cop for folks there. I much preferred the role of Bad Cop. . . . But perhaps the Division will name an award for me or something. How about the Brad Schlozman Award for Most Effectively Breaking the Will of Liberal Partisan Bureaucrats. I would be happy to come back for the awards ceremony.

In an email to Monica Goodling, the  former White House liaison who admitted to “crossing the line” in taking political affiliation into account when hiring career attorneys, Schlozman advises her on a possible hire describing the applicant as a “good American” who was once a member a “four-member Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy at [Schlozman's] former law firm.”

And Schlozman didn’t just have creative names for liberals, he also referred to conservative applicants as “RTAs” or “Right Thinking Americans” one witness told the investigation.