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Minnesotans to Coleman: “Uh, Concede? Maybe?”

Liam Evans
Last updated: Jul 31, 2020 | Jan 09, 2009

Our siblings at The Minnesota Independent have the breakdown of the first statewide Minnesota poll taken since the recount ended and former GOP Sen. Norm Coleman’s kicking and screaming began in earnest. The results are inconclusive, colored by heavy partisanship on the part of both candidates’ supporters.

The big picture: the percentage of Minnesotans who favor a legal challenge has jumped from 44 percent last month to 55 percent this month. It’s obvious why. The challenge has left the realm of theory and become Coleman’s last-ditch chance for victory. Now a coalition of some independents and almost every Republican supports it.

But the news is, on balance, better for Al Franken. As Josh Kraushaar notes (in a post that, curiously, treats Franken’s and Coleman’s low approval ratings as the big news), a Rasmussen poll from last month showed 67 percent of voters thought Coleman had won/would win and only 16 percent thought Franken would be the ultimate victor. Now 44 percent of voters want Coleman to concede.

Sub-news: Minnesota’s Democratic Secretary of State Mark Ritchie, who’s been turned into a punching bag on Fox News and talk radio, has experienced a slight popularity dip but maintains a 56 percent approval rating. It’s the same story as the Coleman/Franken results—Republicans have hardened their partisan assessment of Ritchie.

Liam Evans | Liam Evans is a freelance writer and social media manager who specializes in assisting finance professionals and Fintech entrepreneurs in growing their online audience and attracting more paying customers. Liam worked as a bank teller and virtual assistant for financial firms in the United States and the United Kingdom for six years before beginning her writing career.


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