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Obama’s Pentagon Subcabinet Officials: Lynn, Flournoy

Last updated: July 31, 2020 | January 08, 2009 | Darren Mcpherson

I’m reliably informed that imminently — possibly as early as today — President-elect Barack Obama will announce that former Pentagon comptroller and Raytheon official Bill Lynn will be nominated to become deputy secretary of defense and Michele Flournoy, a co-founder of the Center for a New American Security, is his choice for undersecretary of defense for policy. There may be some additional senior Pentagon appointments emerging as well. Looks like Defense Secretary Bob Gates has his team ready.

Neither appointment is particularly unexpected. But as of this morning, at least, Flournoy was at work at the CNAS offices in downtown Washington. Flournoy’s ascendance to the top of the defense-policy world represents quite a victory for the coterie of counterinsurgency thinkers that the think tank employs and champions.

Update: And just as we report this, the Obama transition releases the official appointments. Along with Lynn and Flournoy, Robert Lynn will be Pentagon comptroller and Jeh Johnson will take the crucial role of general counsel, reviewing and determining the legality of many controversial defense initiatives like detentions and interrogations.

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