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Obnoxious Obama-Person Makes Fool Of Self

Lord knows I had my disagreements with Glenn Greenwald over the John Brennan affair. But this extremely obnoxious comment from a nameless Obama transition

Iram Martins
Last updated: Jul 31, 2020 | Dec 24, 2008

Lord knows I had my disagreements with Glenn Greenwald over the John Brennan affair. But this extremely obnoxious comment from a nameless Obama “transition observer” on the episode to the Washington Post’s Al Kamen is repugnant:

The episode bothered a lot of Brennan fans in the Obama operation, where he still heads the CIA transition team. “If we’re afraid of bloggers,” one transition observer quipped, “how can we take on al-Qaeda?” Various names have popped up since for the job, including Washington lawyer and former agency general counsel Jeff Smith.

Somehow this fool doesn’t realize that by refusing to attach his name to this crap he’s demonstrating the sort of cowardice he’s critiquing. No one, by contrast, could ever call Glenn a coward.

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