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Why Shouldn’t Dick Cheney Decide For Himself Which Of His Papers You Get To See?


This is from a U.S. District court filing from Dick Cheney’s office:

”The vice president alone may determine what constitutes vice presidential records or personal records, how his records will be created, maintained, managed and disposed, and are all actions that are committed to his discretion by law…”

I’m not a lawyer, but I’m sure the legal grounds for such a contention are as sound as those previously employed by Cheney lawyer David Addington for such run-of-the-mill executive-branch behavior as warrantless surveillance, torture, and indefinite detention. Oh, wait, Cheney is his own branch of government.

Charlie Homans is right: the vice president’s office and residence needs to be treated like crime scenes. Cordon it off with yellow tape and make the Cheneys get a room at a Red Roof Inn until it’s secured. Cheney has proven for eight years that he will stop at nothing to avoid accountability. This is the public-disclosure version of shooting an old man in the face.

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