Obama Pumpkins Promise Halloween for Hope

October 10, 2008 | Last updated: July 31, 2020

Halloween falls just a few days before the “most important election of our lives,” as the saying goes, and some Obama supporters are hoping to turn the scary night into a mass mobilization event.

A new site, YesWeCarve.com, provides downloadable stencils and professional directions for voters who picture 82 want to hammer trick-or-treaters with an Obama appeal. picture 71 Forget mass-made yard signs, say the organizers, and carve your own “Barack-O-Lantern.” Emphasis on The O — get it?

While Get-Out-The-Vote programs typically send volunteers to knock on doors, this effort capitalizes on a night when swing voters are the ones going door to door.

The project has a sleek, open-source feel, with logos that hew closely to the Obama campaign’s official design patterns, and an interface that invites visitors to upload their own homemade designs and lanterns (below). While the site’s major stencils feature standard Obama logos, for example, visitors can also see a more offbeat

picture 6 pumpkin headshot of Obama, submitted by Manuel Guzman from Tuscon, Ariz., (at left).

I first heard about YesWeCarve from my friend, Josh Jeter. He is working on it with New Yorker Jason Powers, who dubs himself the “creative genius” of the operation, and Josh Horton, a Memphis Obama supporter who took the more basic title of “organizer.”

Meanwhile, Obama has taken a lead in Halloween masks in some cities — beating McCain by two to one in Boston. They both trailed Batman, however. (Walmart’s Obama and McCain masks retail for about $12, if you’re looking.)

The real Halloween star in demand is Gov. Palin, though, according to a new article in the Hartford Courant:

The latex masks depicting the beehived and bespectacled Republican vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin are as scarce as a moose in Manhattan. And while some are scheduled to show up in Connecticut next week, supply is not expected to meet demand….

More images from YesWeCarve are below, including my favorite, a candy corn logo stencil:

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picture 12