AG Eric Holder says he will soon clarify DOJ position on medical marijuana

June 03, 2011 | Last updated: July 31, 2020

U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder announced Thursday that he will soon “clarify” his agency’s position on medical marijuana. He didn’t say when such clarification would come.

From The Sacramento Bee:

“We’re going to bring clarity so that people understand what this policy means and how this policy will be implemented,” Holder said during a visit to a Providence, R.I., institute that specializes in nonviolence.

Holder didn’t go into detail about plans for clarification. But he said the department was wary of medical marijuana dispensaries being seen as a form of de facto marijuana legalization.

The Department of Justice has recently sent several states, including Colorado, letters warning that the Department reserves the right to enforce federal marijuana laws even when those laws are in conflict with more liberal state laws.

The State of Arizona this week filed suit against the DOJ, seeking a judicial ruling on the question of whether Arizona can legally implement its own medical marijuana laws.

Holder’s office did not quickly return a phone call and an email seeking more information.