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New Sharron Angle Ad Has Same Anti-Illegal Immigration Message

Last updated: July 31, 2020 | October 25, 2010 | Frazer Pugh

Sharron Angle, Nevada’s Republican candidate for Senate, has a new ad today attacking her opponent Sen. Harry Reid (D-Nev.) on his positions on illegal immigration. The ad is pretty similar to her one from Oct. 5, which was called “anti-Latino” and “race baiting” for its images of menacing-looking Latino men. Angle claimed to not realize they were Latino at all, which will perhaps be her defense for the series of images in her latest spot.

Beyond the images, the ad paints a fairly dark portrait of illegal immigration: “Waves of illegal aliens streaming across our border, joining violent gangs, forcing families to live in fear,” the voice-over says. “And what’s Harry Reid doing about it? Voting to give illegal aliens Social Security benefits.”

Here’s the ad:

Several of the ad’s claims are questionable. Studies have found that crime often drops as more immigrants settle in a city. Likewise with the charges leveled at Reid: In addition to Social Security for undocumented immigrants (barely true, according to PolitiFact), the ad claims Reid voted to give them tax breaks (false) and college tuition (not really). The only fully truthful statement seems to be on Reid’s opposition to Arizona’s SB 1070 immigration law.

But since much of the outrage over the previous ad focused on how it portrayed immigrants, let’s compare images. Here’s a screenshot from her last ad, which was eventually taken down from YouTube because of a claim by Getty Images. (The photographer who took the below image — of Mexicans in Mexico — said the photo was not licensed to be used for advertising.)

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And here are the “illegal immigrants” depicted in her newest ad (red bandanas seem to be a common theme):

Angle ad2 2

Angle ad2 3

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Angle’s recent doubling down on illegal immigration might drive away Latino voters, according to recent polling, which showed less enthusiasm for the midterms among Republican Latino voters than among Democratic Latino voters. Polling experts have said this might be due to anti-immigration ads and rhetoric from candidates such as Angle.

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