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In speech, Paul backs Wikileaks, criticizes U.S. war policy

By | 10.31.11 | 10:26 am | More from The Iowa Independent

Republican presidential candidate U.S. Rep. Ron Paul (R-Texas) delivered a strong anti-war message at an appearance Saturday in Des Moines, praising whistle blowers like WikiLeaks, questioning the use of drone missile strikes and calling for more information going out to citizens before the military intervenes overseas.

Paul’s isolationist message More…

Over half of 2011 New York Times issues to date contain articles sourced to WikiLeaks

By | 04.25.11 | 5:48 pm

Despite attempts by the federal government to delegitimize WikiLeaks, a new review from The Atlantic indicates that the whistleblowing organization has a great deal of impact on the media conversation over international relations, particularly in coverage from the news organization WikiLeaks has quarreled with the most, The New More…

NYT: Classified Gitmo docs reveal ‘seat-of-the-pants intelligence gathering’

By | 04.25.11 | 12:22 pm

On Sunday, WikiLeaks released more than 700 classified military documents on Guantánamo Bay prisoners, part of a trove of classified information it received last year, a portion of which the anti-secrecy website previously leaked to The New York Times and The Guardian, among other publications.

WikiLeaks announced it will More…

ACT! for America alleges FBI investigation of Florida charter school

By | 03.25.11 | 2:13 pm | More from The Florida Independent

The Jacksonville chapter of the controversial group ACT! for America is accusing a local school of ties to terrorism in a new press release, linking the school to an FBI investigation through a media report that, contrary to ACT!’s claims, indicates any actions the FBI is conducting has More…

After new charges, Manning faces further questionable treatment

By | 03.04.11 | 11:41 am

Earlier this week, the U.S. Army announced that it was adding 22 new charges to those of transferring classified data to a personal computer and communicating defense information to an unauthorized source in the prosecution of Bradley Manning. Manning — the Army soldier accused of leaking to international whistle-blowing More…

WikiLeaks: Former Sen. Martinez worked to squelch Spanish torture investigation

By | 12.28.10 | 1:30 pm | More from The Florida Independent

Over the weekend, The Miami Herald used documents unearthed by the whistleblower website WikiLeaks  to publish an interesting account of how the U.S. government worked to convince Spanish officials not to pursue an investigation into accusations of torture made against senior U.S. officials — an effort that included pressure More…

Hillary Clinton can’t escape the internet

As the Wikileaks endless U.S. diplomatic document dump continues, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is battling back calls to resign for a UN espionage scheme, she’s leading the government’s defacto public relations campaign against Wikileaks and she’s battening down the hatches at the State Department. She is, in More…

Michele Bachmann

Bachmann calls for Eric Holder’s resignation over Wikileaks

“The time has come for Eric Holder to step down as Attorney General of the United States,” Rep. Michele Bachmann wrote Thursday, expressing concern over the release of thousands of American diplomatic cables by Wikileaks earlier this week. “As a member of Congress and a mother of five More…

Two Veterans of Company Shown in Wikileaks’ Iraq Video Apologize

By | 04.19.10 | 4:10 pm

In a message that Iraq Veterans Against the War is helping spread, two soldiers identified as serving with the company in Wikileaks’ Iraq video — the one showing Army close air support firing on Iraqi civilians, including two Reuters journalists – have written an open letter to Iraqis expressing More…