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Poll: 66% of voters say U.S. heading in wrong direction

By | 03.03.11 | 10:34 am

A Rasmussen Reports poll released Wednesday shows that 66 percent of “likely U.S. voters” say the country is heading in the wrong direction; 27 percent are happy with the direction America is headed.

That breaks down a little differently when talking about race and political party affiliation.

About 47 More…

Despite Candidates’ Differences, Afghan War Didn’t Factor Into Pa. Primary

By | 05.19.10 | 2:17 pm

Two things distinguished Sen. Arlen Specter and Rep. Joe Sestak in their campaign for the Pennsylvania Democratic Senate nomination. The first is Specter’s decades of protean Capitol Hill experience, which Sestak effectively turned into a liability. The second is Specter’s opposition to President Obama’s escalation of the Afghanistan war — More…

MA-Sen: Loyal Democrats Grouse About Coakley

By | 01.19.10 | 6:42 pm

BOSTON — A little while after noon, a steady crowd of Democratic voters streamed into the Cathedral High School Gymnasium to cast votes for their party’s embattled nominee, state Attorney General Martha Coakley. This was Boston’s third ward, which the Obama-Biden ticket carried with 74 percent of the vote in More…

Political Scientists for Reid

By | 01.12.10 | 9:47 am

I don’t want to impute anything to these academics with that headline — they aren’t actually endorsing the Senate majority leader. But as I noted in my story yesterday, there’s a substantial amount of research on how voters view skin color when they consider candidates.

“There’s a More…

Proud To Be a Virginian

By | 11.04.08 | 4:32 pm

As someone who’s lived almost my entire life in Virginia, this election means a great deal to me, as it does to most voters in the state.

For the first time since 1964, Virginia is in play in a presidential election. Many residents are surprised to see Virginia shaded blue More…

Virginia Judge Rejects Longer Polling Hours

By | 11.04.08 | 11:20 am

U.S. District Judge Richard L. Williams rejected a lawsuit Monday afternoon that sought to extend polling hours in Virginia today. William ruled that election rules allowing those in line by 7 p.m. to vote after the polls close protects voters’ rights.

The judge also revealed that he had voted early More…

Youth + Environment = Turnout

By | 11.03.08 | 4:54 pm

It’s becoming apparent that the youth vote could be a key component of Tuesday’s electorate. Americans age 18 to 30 are expected to turn out in record numbers. This is what the Obama campaign has long been focusing on, since Sen. Barack Obama, the Democratic nominee, does well with voters More…

Obama Deploys Robot to Fight Ayers Attack (Video)

By | 10.31.08 | 6:01 am

Maybe there’s too much caffeine coursing through the Obama campaign’s new media department. Or maybe they’ve just had it with Sen. John McCain’s robocalls about Bill Ayers.

The latest item on Sen. Barack Obama’s official YouTube channel is a wacky, dorky, irreverent video titled, really, “Robots Attack!

Wonder why they More…

GOP Officials May Challenge Foreclosed Voters in States Beyond MI

By | 10.23.08 | 6:05 am

GOP officials in Ohio, Florida and Indiana –- in addition to Michigan, where the Obama campaign sued -– have acknowledged plans to challenge voters on Election Day based on foreclosure lists.

According to local media in counties in each of these states — in Columbus, Ohio, Marion County, More…

Obama’s Victory Route Runs Through Florida

By | 10.08.08 | 6:00 am

The town-hall style presidential debate is over, the swords — for the moment — withdrawn.

For most of the evening at Belmont University in Nashville, Sens. Barack Obama and John McCain attacked each other over domestic spending, foreign affairs and the best way to emerge from the cloak of economic More…