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Colbert: Migrant Work is ‘Really, Really Hard’

By | 09.24.10 | 11:22 am

Stephen Colbert went off testimony — way off — today when he testified in front of the House Judiciary Committee’s immigration subcommittee. His written testimony was pretty straight-forward and serious, but he jumped back into character when he spoke. Still, he advocated for AgJOBS and worker visa reform: More…

‘Pledge to America’ Plans for Immigration

By | 09.23.10 | 2:17 pm

The GOP’s “Pledge to America” is pretty brief when it comes to immigration issues: It advocates control of the border, enforcement of immigration laws and strengthening visa security. (Notably absent? Any paths to legalization for illegal immigrants already in the country.) The document does not go so far More…

Immigrants, Jobs and the Recession

By | 09.20.10 | 10:18 am

The recession has been hard on almost everyone, but a report released today by the nonpartisan Migration Policy Institute found immigrants suffered higher job losses between 2007 and 2009 in health care, construction, information technology and hospitality. Construction jobs, which previously employed a huge number of Latino men More…

Barbour Stands Up for Immigrants

By | 09.02.10 | 3:52 pm

Mississippi Governor Haley Barbour, a Republican, took a markedly softer tone on illegal immigration during an interview yesterday than some of his fellow GOP politicians, arguing for a “common sense” approach to immigration. Barbour referenced ways immigrants benefit the U.S., ranging from helping rebuild after Hurricane Katrina to More…

Fed Study: Immigrants Don’t Steal American Jobs

By | 08.31.10 | 9:38 am

One of the major complaints against immigration — both legal and illegal — is that non-Americans take jobs that could be occupied by citizens during a time of high unemployment. But immigrants actually boost incomes and productivity over time, according to a paper released Monday by More…

What Would Smart Visa Reform Look Like?

By | 08.27.10 | 3:19 pm

Facing what some have said is a crackdown on temporary worker visas, the business world is arguing U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services should refocus its legal immigration standards. Businesses that want to hire foreign workers are having an increasingly difficult time doing so. Meanwhile, corporate leaders and experts More…