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National Organization for Marriage’s 2010 financial records raise questions

By | 12.12.11 | 6:00 am

In 2010, the National Organization for Marriage (NOM), a tax-exempt nonprofit trying to thwart the legalization of same-sex marriage throughout the U.S., reported the highest individual donations it has received since its inception in 2007, according to NOM’s most recent income disclosures to the Internal Revenue Service, recently obtained More…

NOW asks Obama to resist demands from bishops on birth control

By | 12.06.11 | 5:53 pm | More from The Florida Independent

The National Organization for Women (NOW), the largest organization of feminist activists in the U.S., has joined reproductive rights advocates in asking President Obama not to cave in to pressure from the Catholic leaders asking that he strike a recent decision that increases access to birth control for women.

Congressional hearing on ‘politicization of grants’ and Catholic Church scheduled for Thursday

By | 11.29.11 | 11:11 am | More from The Florida Independent

This week Congress will hold yet another hearing addressing a grievance from Catholic bishops, this time about a recent loss of federal funds.

The House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform will hold a hearing on Thursday titled, “HHS and the Catholic Church: Examining the Politicization of Grants,” More…