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Obama Puts Money to Close GTMO in the Afghanistan War Supplemental

By | 02.01.10 | 3:03 pm

So the budget is out. But where’s the roughly $150 million needed for the Obama administration to buy the Thomson Correction Center from Illinois? That’s the necessary step for closing Guantanamo Bay this year, as the administration desires: Without the money to buy Thomson, the government has nowhere to More…

Gitmo Not Likely to Close Till 2011 at the Earliest

By | 12.23.09 | 1:32 pm

We’d already set aside the January 2010 deadline for closing the prison camp at Guantanamo Bay that President Obama set on his first day in office. But now the administration is acknowledging that it probably won’t close the prison down until 2011 — at the earliest.

While funding is the More…

Closing Guantanamo Costs Money; But There Is an Alternative

By | 12.23.09 | 8:53 am

When the Obama administration announced its plan earlier this month to transfer military commissions-bound Guantanamo detainees to the Thomson Correctional Center in Illinois, two senior officials held a conference call to tell reporters how the plan would work. Before Guantanamo could be closed, they said, the federal government had More…

‘Changing the Zip Code of Guantanamo’

By | 12.15.09 | 4:43 pm

That’s a quote about housing Guantanamo detainees in the Thomson Correctional Center, courtesy of a statement from Tom Parker of Amnesty International. Judging from my inbox, the longer civil libertarians look at the Obama administration’s plans for Thomson, the less they like it. A measured response from Human Rights More…

Thomson Will Be for ‘Limited’ Number of Detainees Awaiting Military Commissions

By | 12.15.09 | 1:42 pm

On a conference call just now, senior administration officials provided some details about their plan for detaining Guantanamo detainees at Illinois’ Thomson Correction Center. The facility will be for a “limited number” of detainees, a senior administration official told reporters, for those “who would face trial [in] military commissions.” A More…

Will John McCain Flip-Flop on Gitmo?

By | 12.15.09 | 10:18 am

With the expected announcement of the transfer of Guantanamo detainees to the Thomson Correctional Center in Illinois, a Republican-driven hysteria is virtually guaranteed. That’s as empty as it is uninteresting. What’s interesting is whether the Republicans’ 2008 presidential nominee and national security elder statesman, Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.), joins More…

Obama Administration to Announce Gitmo Detainees’ Move to Illinois Tuesday

By | 12.15.09 | 8:06 am

Jake Tapper at ABC News reports that the Obama administration will announce on Tuesday that at least some Guantanamo Bay detainees are headed to the federal prison in Thomson, Ill. Just how many of the inmates at Thomson will come from the Guantanamo Bay prison is unclear, though.

As I’ve More…

Draft Memo Reveals Plans to Move Gitmo Detainees to Thomson, Ill.

By | 12.14.09 | 8:55 am

Conservative bloggers were abuzz over the weekend over a leaked memo that appeared to show President Obama has decided to send all Guantanamo Bay detainees to the Thomson Correctional Center in Northwest Illinois “as expeditiously as possible.”

In fact, it turned out that the memo was a draft More…

White House to Make Illinois Prison ‘Beyond Supermax’ for Gitmo Detainees

By | 12.07.09 | 9:11 am

Officials in the Obama administration said they anticipate that if all goes as planned, the federal government will purchase the Thomson Correctional Center in Northwest Illinois by late winter, and begin preparations to house terror suspects currently held at the Guantanamo Bay prison. The administration then plans to get the More…

Illinois Lawmakers Split on Transfering Gitmo Prisoners to Thomson

By | 12.04.09 | 2:31 pm

Although some prominent Illinoisans have come out strongly in favor of the plan to transfer some Guantanamo Bay detainees to the largely vacant Thomson Correctional Center, the state’s Congressional delegation reportedly remains divided on the issue, according to the Chicago Sun-Times.

Democratic supporters, including Illinois Sen. More…