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Florida First Coast Tea Party rally, starring Santorum, set for Sunday

By | 11.03.11 | 3:38 pm | More from The Florida Independent

The Jacksonville-based First Coast Tea Party will host a rally on Sun., Nov. 6, to ready participants for the “march to November 2012.”

Florida Tea Party Convention agenda adds Rubio, Pamela Geller, Agenda 21 talk

By | 10.26.11 | 2:25 pm | More from The Florida Independent

Next week’s Florida Tea Party convention is slated to feature some big names in Florida politics, as well as the opportunity for state tea party members to discuss some of their favorite topics — including Agenda 21 and Islam.

Florida progressives will gather at Awake the State summit

By | 10.20.11 | 2:15 pm | More from The Florida Independent

Awake the State is organizing and mobilizing Floridians who are against Gov. Rick Scott and the GOP-led state Legislature during a summit in Orlando this weekend.

Organizers are describing the event as a “gathering of both organizers and supporters collaborating to build a stronger movement.”

VIDEO: Bennet calls on Senate to reform education without playing politics

By | 10.20.11 | 9:24 am | More from The Colorado Independent

Colorado U.S. Senator Michael Bennet seems to love his job as much as he hates the senate. That is, he seems to relish the opportunity to make change that matters as much as he reviles the fact that senate rules and procedures and politics work against anyone making any More…

Anti-’Obamacare’ voters courted by pro-Senate Bill 5 campaign, Ohio GOP (updated)

By | 10.12.11 | 2:31 pm

Republicans in Ohio, as in several other states, have placed a constitutional amendment before voters that, if passed this November, would block provisions in the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. Some progressives think the amendment is designed to draw conservative voters to the polls to help pass another item More…

American Family Association-Michigan head wins state U.S. Senate straw poll

By | 10.04.11 | 3:15 pm | More from The Iowa Independent

The head of the American Family Association, which bankrolled Bob Vander Plaats’ successful effort to oust three Iowa Supreme Court justice, won a straw poll conducted last week following a Michigan tea party-sponsored Senate debate forum.

Spanish-language media closely tracking Republicans, tea party on immigration

By | 10.03.11 | 1:10 pm | More from The Florida Independent

On Sunday, GOP presidential candidate Ron Paul appeared on Al Punto, a Spanish-language TV news show, saying he doesn’t need a different message for Hispanic voters.

Perry campaign targeted by immigration enforcement activists

By | 09.30.11 | 1:09 pm | More from The Colorado Independent

That in-state tuition law that sailed through the Texas Legislature and across the governor’s desk 10 years ago continues haunting Rick Perry’s presidential campaign in strange new ways, most recently with a hardline anti-illegal immigration group protesting outside a Perry fundraiser, and new complaints about social media censorship from the More…

Muslim man denied position on executive committee of Broward County, Fla. GOP

By | 09.27.11 | 11:04 am | More from The Florida Independent

Nezar Hamze’s application to become a member of the Broward Republican Executive Committee and to create a Muslim Republican Club was denied Monday.

Pro E-Verify group says Rick Perry weak on immigration

By | 09.26.11 | 12:08 pm | More from The Florida Independent

Numbers USA — an organization that supports “Attrition Through Enforcement” immigration policy and wants “lower immigration levels” — blames Rick Perry’s results in the Florida straw poll on his weak stance on immigration enforcement.

Numbers USA, which supports mandatory E-Verfiy, writes:

Not by design, Texas Gov. Rick