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Gen. McChrystal heads back to the Obama administration

By | 04.11.11 | 10:51 am

Ten months after the release of the Rolling Stone story that cost Gen. Stanley McChrystal his job as commander of U.S. and NATO troops in Afghanistan, the four-star general has been restored to a post in the Obama administration.

His new position as head of Joining Forces was More…

Video: UK Defense Secretary Argues Messaging Is Key to Afghan War

By | 07.01.10 | 2:40 pm

Yesterday at the Heritage Foundation, U.K. Secretary of State for Defence Liam Fox spoke about the state of the war in Afghanistan. He argued that effective communication was central to the campaign, and urged politicians to make clear to their constituents the need for the war and the consequences of More…

Senate Unanimously Confirms Petraeus to Lead Afghan War

By | 06.30.10 | 12:54 pm

Elena Kagan can only hope it’ll be this easy for her:

Gen. David H. Petraeus was unanimously confirmed by the U.S. Senate Wednesday as the new Afghan war commander, replacing Gen. Stanley A. McChrystal after his ouster over controversial remarks in a Rolling Stone magazine article.

The 99-0


Despite GOP Support for Obama’s Handling of McChrystal/Petraeus, a Few Challengers Dissent

By | 06.24.10 | 12:25 pm

Even though virtually all congressional Republicans — including the party’s Senate and House leadership — praised President Obama’s handling of the removal of Gen. Stanley McChrystal and his selection of Gen. David Petraeus to replace him as commander of U.S. forces in Afghanistan, a few Republican congressional hopefuls used the More…

With Petraeus Pick, Obama Clarifies His Afghanistan Strategy

By | 06.23.10 | 2:20 pm

“This is a change in personnel,” President Obama said, announcing Gen. David Petraeus’ takeover of the Afghanistan war, “but not a change in policy.” Yes and no.

As I wrote earlier, Petraeus’ return to theater command indicates that an ambiguity in that policy has been clarified. It’s never been More…

McChrystal Speaks on His Resignation/Firing

By | 06.23.10 | 2:04 pm

The cashiered commander of the Afghanistan war just emailed this to reporters:

This morning the President accepted my resignation as Commander of U.S. and NATO Coalition Forces in Afghanistan. I strongly support the President’s strategy in Afghanistan and am deeply committed to our coalition forces, our partner nations, and the


Petraeus Rides Again: What About July 2011?

By | 06.23.10 | 1:42 pm

If you wanted to underscore the continuity in strategy that exists for Afghanistan and Pakistan now that President Obama has fired Gen. Stanley McChrystal, there is absolutely no more potent symbol of doubling down on that strategy than to place Gen. David H. Petraeus — the foremost counterinsurgent in More…

If McChrystal’s Out, What Should Change in Afghanistan? A Guide

By | 06.23.10 | 11:24 am

President Obama and Gen. Stanley McChrystal began their decisive one-on-one talk in the Oval Office at 9:51 a.m., according to ABC’s Jake Tapper. Whether or not McChrystal loses his command, all signs point to Obama sticking with his current Afghanistan-Pakistan strategy. If so, that means that operational and More…

Obama Unlikely to Use McChrystal Flap to Change Course on Afghanistan

By | 06.23.10 | 6:00 am

By the time you read this, Gen. Stanley McChrystal may very well have lost his command in Afghanistan. McChrystal is headed to a White House Situation Room meeting with President Obama on Wednesday; Time’s Joe Klein reported Tuesday afternoon that the general offered to resign after making disrespectful comments More…

McChrystal Reportedly Resigns

By | 06.22.10 | 5:11 pm

Joe Klein of Time just told that to CNN. Will President Obama accept his resignation if so?

Update: On Twitter, Joe clarifies through Time Magazine that McChrystal offered to resign. Hasn’t actually tendered his resignation.