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In wake of Giffords shooting, Palin aide says ‘crosshairs’ really surveyor marks

By | 01.10.11 | 10:40 am | More from The Colorado Independent

An aide to former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin said on a conservative radio program Sunday that last year’s much-maligned ads by Palin’s PAC showing rifle crosshairs over 20 Democratic congressional districts – including Gabrielle Giffords’s CD8 in Arizona – were actually meant to represent surveyor’s symbols on a map.

But More…

Gunman Opens Fire at Pentagon Metro Entrance

By | 03.05.10 | 2:07 am

You can’t raid the Pentagon that way — those who built the building thought of this — but you can kill a lot of commuters, especially shortly before 7 on a weeknight. Luckily that hasn’t happened, but two Pentagon guards have been injured. The suspect is in custody and the More…

Huckabee’s Apology Tour

By | 12.08.09 | 9:27 am

It continues with an op-ed in The Washington Post on “Why I commuted Maurice Clemmons’s sentence.” On this issue, the problem conservatives have with Huckabee, who as governor of Arkansas freed the suspect in last month’s murder of four Washington State police officers, is his refusal to accept More…

Trouble in Hucktown

By | 11.30.09 | 10:36 am

Former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee’s response to the news that a man he granted clemency in 2000 is a suspect in yesterday’s brutal massacre of four police officers in Washington State is generating some telling comments at his HuckPAC site. Some are positive. Some of the reaction from this More…

New Interrogation Unit Unlikely to Question Ft. Hood Suspect

By | 11.20.09 | 10:33 am

The new unit created by the Obama administration to interrogate the highest-value terrorism targets is unlikely to play a role in the case of the highest-profile new potential terrorist target in U.S. custody: Army Maj. Nidal Malik Hasan, the alleged Fort Hood shooter.

The director of the new interrogation unit, More…

Blackwater Authorized Payments to Iraqi Officials Following Nisour Square Massacre

By | 11.10.09 | 6:15 pm

Breaking news from The New York Times:

Top executives at Blackwater Worldwide authorized secret payments of about $1 million to Iraqi officials that were intended to silence their criticism and buy their support after a September 2007 episode in which Blackwater security guards fatally


Gary Bauer: Ft. Hood Suspect Was ‘Sleeper’ Agent

By | 11.06.09 | 5:19 pm

Add another conservative activist to the ranks of people blaming the Ft. Hood massacre on Islam. Here’s Gary Bauer, in his end-of-day email sent to supporters, arguing that while some Muslims are all well and good, “there are also ‘sleeper cells’ or ‘sleeper individuals’ who are jihadist ticking time bombs More…