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NRA Is Here, There, Everywhere

By | 07.13.10 | 11:41 am

Following up on Sahil Kapur’s excellent piece on the expansion of gun rights under the Obama administration’s watch, The New York Times has a nice overview today of the all-powerful National Rifle Association that basically follows the format of saying, “We all know about its role in crafting More…

Fears Aside, Gun Rights Thrive Under Obama

By | 07.12.10 | 6:00 am

Last week, Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal signed a bill allowing gun owners in his state to carry firearms into houses of worship. Just days earlier, the Supreme Court extended federal gun rights provisions to city and state governments. And last summer, Arizona legislators voted to allow More…

Kagan Declines to Discuss Gun Views, Says Heller and McDonald Are ‘Settled Law’

By | 06.29.10 | 2:58 pm

Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagan says that two recent Second Amendment cases are now “settled law” and that she will follow them if she is confirmed as a justice.

Her views on the two cases — District of Columbia v. Heller and the more recent McDonald v. City of Chicago More…

The 9.12 Project — or 9mm Project?

By | 06.16.10 | 3:44 pm

For a civic group that bristles at charges of generating even the most suggestive air of violence, the 9.12 Project sure likes its handguns. Around the country, 9.12 Project members routinely prove that they take seriously their leader Glenn Beck’s Three-G triad of “God, Gold and Guns.” They meet at More…

Exempt From Disclosure Rules, NRA Drops Opposition to Post-Citizens United Bill

By | 06.15.10 | 3:26 pm

Yesterday, we reported that in response to pressure from the National Rifle Association and other groups, House Democrats decided to exempt the NRA and some other large organizations from the DISCLOSE Act, which will require corporate funders of campaign ads to attach disclosure messages to the ads.

It seems More…

Bucking NRA, Gun Owners Speak Out in Support of Barring Suspected Terrorists From Buying Guns

By | 05.17.10 | 11:24 am

Last Friday, the National Rifle Association held its annual gathering in Charlotte, N.C., where ThinkProgress asked a number of participants whether the Second Amendment should extend to folks currently on the country’s terrorist watch list. (Under current law, it does.) The responses are a clear indication More…

Rasmussen: 47 Percent of Country Opposes ‘Open Carry’ of Firearms

By | 05.14.10 | 11:19 am

Our recent post on a new poll indicating that more that 52 percent of the country is opposed to allowing the open carry of loaded guns in public has left some readers questioning the integrity of the findings. The survey, some note, was commissioned by the Brady Center More…

Poll: Most Americans Oppose Open Carry of Firearms

By | 05.12.10 | 10:51 am

More than half the country opposes allowing people to carry loaded firearms in public places, according to a poll released today by the Brady Center to Prevent Gun Violence. Leaders of the gun reform group say that the findings offer a terse warning to lawmakers who, facing pressure from the More…

Armed Group Warns Lawmakers of ‘Consequences’ of Gun Restrictions

By | 04.19.10 | 4:29 pm

President Obama might have signed the bill that allows loaded weapons in national parks, but don’t tell that to the armed activists who gathered Monday at Virginia’s Fort Hunt to showcase their Second Amendment rights. They claim to be quite threatened by the current leaders in Washington, More…

Running Out of Time on the DC-Vote Bill

By | 01.12.10 | 1:17 pm

For supporters of the bill to grant Washington, D.C., a voting representative in Congress, it may be 2010 or never. At least that’s the warning coming from former Rep. Tom Davis, the Virginia Republican who championed the D.C.-vote bill for years — to no avail.

You might remember that the More…