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BP Lost $17 Billion in Second Quarter, Puts $32.2 Billion Aside for Oil Spill

By | 07.27.10 | 9:29 am

As expected, Robert Dudley will take over for embattled BP CEO Tony Hayward starting Oct. 1, The Washington Post reports. The company also announced today that it lost $17 billion in the second quarter of the fiscal year.

Report: Hayward to Receive $930,000 Upon Stepping Down

By | 07.26.10 | 4:14 pm

BP CEO Tony Hayward will receive $930,000 when he steps aside as the head of the company, the BBC reported today.

According to the BBC:

BP chief executive Tony Hayward will get an immediate annual pension worth about £600,000 ($930,000) when he leaves in October, the BBC has learned.

Drones: The First Test for Obama’s ‘Rules-Based Internationalism’

By | 05.28.10 | 8:44 am

Just as the National Security Strategy places an international order based on binding global norms at the center of President Obama’s foreign policy, a United Nations official tells Charlie Savage of The New York Times that Obama’s drone strikes ought to come to end:

Clinton: We’re Ready to Move Forward With Iran Sanctions at the United Nations

By | 05.18.10 | 11:35 am

Laura Rozen reports that Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton doesn’t think the new Iran-Turkey uranium enrichment deal will derail the U.S.’s efforts at securing consensus in the United Nations Security Council for Iran sanctions:

“We have reached agreement on a strong draft with the cooperation of both


Your Prompt Global Strike Primer

By | 04.23.10 | 8:44 am

The New York Times has a good overview of an extremely powerful conventional weapons system that could be fired from a missile in the U.S. and reach anywhere on the planet in an hour. It’s called Prompt Global Strike. It’s an immature weapons system, barely in development, that looks More…

Uh, Who’s Being Disingenuous About New START and Missile Defense?

By | 04.22.10 | 11:30 am

There’s preambular language in the New START nuclear arms accord with the Russians that touches on Russia’s unease with America’s planned system for European missile defense. It’s non-binding and it’s extremely opaque. (“Recognizing the existence of the interrelationship between strategic offensive arms and strategic defensive arms, that this interrelationship will More…

Clinton, Lavrov Agree to Destroy Tons of Plutonium

By | 04.13.10 | 4:47 pm

A nice way to cap off the Washington Nuclear Security Summit from More…

Obama May Have Locked Down Chinese Support for Sanctioning Iran

By | 04.13.10 | 9:01 am

Big news from Jeff Bader, the National Security Council director for Asia, reporting on President Obama’s meeting yesterday with Chinese President Hu Jintao following the Washington Nuclear Security Summit. From the transcript of Bader’s press briefing:

During the meeting President Obama and Hu underscored their agreement that Iran must meet


Obama to Seek New START Ratification Next Month

By | 04.08.10 | 1:36 pm

That’s according to a just-released statement from Sen. John Kerry (D-Mass.), chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee:

The White House has indicated that the full treaty will be completed and submitted to the Senate in early May.  I plan to begin hearings on the treaty in the coming weeks,


Want to Read the New START for Yourself?

By | 04.08.10 | 12:25 pm

Does it restrict U.S. missile defense? Concede too much to the Russians? Standardize rules for counting the nuclear payloads on deployed bombers? What about telemetry?????

Well, now you can answer all these questions to your satisfaction.