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An RNC Purity Test?

By | 11.23.09 | 1:09 pm

Reid Wilson has the first look at a resolution being pushed by Republican National Committee member Jim Bopp, author of the infamous “socialist” resolution, that would aim to prevent future NY-23 disasters by requiring that candidates agree to at least seven of 10 issue promises in order to receive More…

Kaplan: Fort Hood Shows We Need More Muslim Soldiers

By | 11.16.09 | 2:44 pm

Robert Kaplan on the real lessons of Fort Hood:

The massacre at Fort Hood, Texas, in which 13 soldiers were shot and killed by Army Maj. Nidal Hasan, paradoxically took my memory back to April 2004, when I was embedded with a Marine battalion during the first


I Wish My Brother George Was Here

By | 01.12.09 | 12:36 pm

Sen. George Voinovich, the two-term Republican from Ohio, announces his retirement. Michelle Malkin proclaims victory.

When I think of George Voinovich, I think of his inane blubbering about the shamnesty debacle. Blubber, blubber.