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New music video by journalists finds humor in hydraulic fracturing

By | 05.12.11 | 2:57 pm | More from The Colorado Independent

A new music video called “My Water’s On Fire Tonight (The Fracking Song)” by David Holmes and journalism students at New York University’s Studio 20 is making the rounds after being posted on the Pulitzer Prize-winning website ProPublica this morning.

On the Frontline/ProPublica Oil Spill Documentary

By | 10.27.10 | 5:44 pm

I just finished watching the Frontline/ProPublica documentary on BP. If you haven’t seen it yet, it’s definitely worth your time. The documentary tracks BP’s spotty safety record, from a 2005 explosion at one of its oil refineries in Texas that killed four people to pipeline spills in Alaska to More…

ProPublica Exposes BP’s Flawed Corporate Culture

By | 10.26.10 | 3:09 pm

If you read nothing else today, read the new ProPublica investigation on the many flaws in BP’s corporate culture that led to the massive Gulf oil spill.

Here’s an excerpt that sums the story up nicely:

The investigation found that as BP transformed itself into the world’s third largest


Some Oil Spill Victims Have Yet to Receive Compensation, Even After Claims Were ‘Escalated’

By | 10.25.10 | 12:29 pm

ProPublica just posted a good story on Gulf oil spill victims who are still waiting to receive compensation for their losses, even after being told by Gulf Coast Claims Facility staff that their claim had been expedited, or “escalated.”

I reported the same thing last week, highlighting the More…

TWI Partnering With ProPublica to Investigate Oil Spill Claims Process

By | 08.11.10 | 4:52 pm

The Washington Independent is partnering with ProPublica to bring you more in-depth coverage of the Gulf oil spill claims process, and we need your help.

White House Peddles Misinformation on Gitmo

By | 12.16.09 | 4:07 pm

Here’s a nice catch by Dafna Linzer at ProPublica. At yesterday’s press conference, White House spokesman Robert Gibbs made two statements about the Obama administration’s connection to the more than 200 Guantanamo detainees left at the prison camp.

First, Gibbs told reporters that more transfers of Guantanamo detainees More…

Greg Craig: I’m Not Resigning

By | 10.13.09 | 10:09 am

White House Counsel Gregory Craig, a longtime Washington insider who’s faced mounting criticism for his role in the Obama administration’s plans to close the Guantanamo Bay prison, said on Friday that he has no plans to resign from his post.

“I have no plans to leave whatsoever,” More…

Gitmo Closing May Be Delayed

By | 09.25.09 | 8:51 am

The latest news on the Guantanamo front is that despite the president’s big promise in January to close Guantanamo Bay within a year, it turns out that just might not be possible, reports The Washington Post with ProPublica. Apparently, it’s been too hard to figure out what to More…

Debate Intensifies Over Preventive Detention

By | 07.02.09 | 12:01 am

Ever since President Obama said in his speech at the National Archives that he believes there’s a category of people at Guantanamo who can’t be tried in criminal court or by military commission but are too dangerous to release, legal and More…

Why Some Civil Libertarians Support an Executive Order on Preventive Detention

By | 07.01.09 | 4:33 pm

So just who are those “civil liberties groups” that have encouraged the Obama administration to issue an executive order creating a system of prolonged preventive detention?

As Spencer wrote today, someone in the administration told ProPublica’s Dafna Linzner and The Washington Post’s Peter Finn that yes, civil liberties groups More…