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Russ Feingold says he won’t run for office in 2012

By | 08.19.11 | 11:24 am | More from The Iowa Independent

Former U.S. Sen. Russ Feingold, a Wisconsin Democrat, has told supporters that although he’s still considering seeking an elective office in the future, he will not appear on any 2012 ballots.

Did Firedoglake Take Out Vic Snyder?

By | 01.15.10 | 6:34 pm

Rep. Vic Snyder (D-Ark.) announced his retirement today, mixed–but mostly dire–news for Democrats, who were hopeful that he could hold on and defeat his likely, scandal-tainted GOP opponent Tim Griffin. One of the possible reasons for the retirement? A poll conducted by SurveyUSA, paid for by the progressive More…

Rep. Joe Sestak on the Afghanistan War, Pakistan and the Troop Increase

By | 12.01.09 | 12:12 pm

Tonight’s Afghanistan strategy rollout comes at a tense moment for congressional Democrats. President Obama will announce an escalation of U.S. forces, an adjustment of his March strategy, and an ultimate time-horizon for an exit strategy. But the war, now in its ninth year, has become unpopular — and especially More…

Will Sotomayor Disappoint Liberals?

By | 05.27.09 | 5:29 pm

Having just listened to a conference call of legal experts set up by the White House to provide reporters the Obama administration’s spin on Supreme Court nominee Sonia Sotomayor, I have to wonder if liberals, when they’re done defending Judge Sotomayor from the right’s attacks, may end up being disappointed More…

So Who Are Clinton’s People, Anyhow?

By | 12.02.08 | 2:28 pm

Not long ago, a number of foreign-policy progressives in the Obama orbit vented to me about how they were concerned Hillary Rodham Clinton would shut them out of State Dept. jobs in favor of her own people. It wasn’t really an idle concern: several remember how the Clinton people More…

Progressive Circle Forming Around Obama

By | 12.01.08 | 6:00 am

While liberal critics sound increasingly uneasy with President-elect Barack Obama’s nominations of centrist, Clinton-era Democrats to Cabinet positions, some are overlooking how Obama has also been assembling a tight progressive cadre to serve with him in the White House.

Progressive blogs are buzzing about Obama’s Cabinet picks, including big-name hires More…