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A critique of ‘right on crime’ prison reforms Florida has contemplated

By | 05.17.11 | 12:55 pm | More from The Florida Independent

There’s been a push to bring Florida into the “right on crime” movement, which aims to cut prison costs by increasing programs like drug treatment and job training for prisoners, thereby reducing recidivism – and ultimately cutting costs for taxpayers. #

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The Cost of Jail to America’s Working Population

By | 09.29.10 | 3:43 pm

This week, the Pew’s Economic Mobility Project is up with an astonishing report on the financial damage incarceration does to inmates and the broader economic opportunity locked up in America’s prisons. The United States currently jails one in every 100 adults — the highest rate in the world. That More…

Grassley Hoping to Keep Medical Marijuana Illegal

By | 11.04.09 | 3:02 pm

On Thursday, the Senate Judiciary Committee will consider legislation designed to overhaul the nation’s criminal justice system by creating a commission to examine that system and make reform recommendations to Congress. The bill, sponsored by Sens. Jim Webb (D-Va.) and Arlen Specter (D-Pa.), is designed to More…