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VIDEO: American Elect comes to Colorado

By | 11.30.11 | 9:45 am | More from The Colorado Independent

American Elect, the non-party online presidential nominating organization, has made it onto the ballot in Colorado, easily hitting the 10,000 resident signatures it needed. American Elect is not a political party. It’s a group that has set up a new way to nominate candidates.

Michele Bachmann campaign loses top staffers

By | 10.04.11 | 7:05 am | More from The Minnesota Independent

The presidential campaign of U.S. Rep. Michele Bachmann announced that Republican pollster Ed Goeas has left her campaign, the third high-profile resignation for the campaign in a month.

Bachmann reportedly considering presidential campaign

By | 01.05.11 | 11:37 am

ABC News reports that Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-Minn.) is heading to Iowa later this month in order to meet with local pols as she contemplates entering the field of Republicans vying for the 2012 presidential nomination. On Jan. 21, Bachmann is scheduled to headline an Iowans for Tax Relief PAC More…

Rove Speaks: It’s Everybody Else’s Fault

By | 03.10.10 | 6:00 am

Washington memoirs are all about settling scores. Karl Rove’s “Courage and Consequence: My Life as a Conservative in the Fight” takes that tradition to new and self-parodying heights. To read Rove’s recollections of George W. Bush’s White House is to believe that, for eight years, men of “courage and moral More…

McCain Double-Flip-Flops on

By | 12.02.09 | 5:14 pm

One day after Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) hammered him for “flip-flopping” on Medicare cuts, Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) fired back this morning on the Senate floor (starting at 0:16 in this clip). McCain cited a analysis from the More…

Clinton Campaign Still Hustling to Retire Debt

By | 04.09.09 | 3:27 pm

Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton’s presidential campaign is still trying to raise money to pay off old debts.

James Carville, the Democratic strategist and longtime Clinton supporter, today sent out a request for funds on behalf of Hillary Clinton for President. For a contribution of $5 or more, Carville More…

Virginia Judge Rejects Longer Polling Hours

By | 11.04.08 | 11:20 am

U.S. District Judge Richard L. Williams rejected a lawsuit Monday afternoon that sought to extend polling hours in Virginia today. William ruled that election rules allowing those in line by 7 p.m. to vote after the polls close protects voters’ rights.

The judge also revealed that he had voted early More…

Obama: Voting Felt Great, Will Be Sentimental Tonight

By | 11.04.08 | 10:47 am

CHICAGO, Ill. – Sen. Barack Obama cast his vote this morning, both daughters in tow, and announced that the experience was a hit.

Warhol Does Presidential Politics

By | 11.04.08 | 10:33 am

In celebration of this historic Election Day, The Los Angeles Times reaches into the electoral memorabilia vault and profiles what it calls “the greatest modern political poster” — a ghoulish 1972 Andy Warhol mock-up of President Richard M. Nixon, in support of Nixon’s challenger, Sen. George McGovern (D-S.D.).

Palin Releases Medical History Letter

By | 11.04.08 | 9:50 am

Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin apparently caught her staff by surprise last month when she told NBC’s Brian Williams she would release her medical records to the public.

With the records still unreleased this week, and no indication from the McCain campaign that they would be forthcoming, several More…