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Personhood Arkansas says amendment language addresses concerns voters have on birth control, medical treatments

Arkansas is among several states to face “fetal personhood” amendments in 2012. Personhood Arkansas, an affiliate of Personhood USA, recently submitted amendment language to the state that would define life as beginning at the moment of conception.

Personhood Florida launches new petition

By | 12.07.11 | 8:50 am | More from The Florida Independent

A group that wants Florida to define life as beginning at the moment of conception has officially launched its “personhood petition.”

According to the new post on Personhood Florida’s website, the new Florida ProLife Personhood Amendment is based on language endorsed by the Family Research Council and the American Family Association.

‘Personhood’ video looks to Hungary proposal as proof abortion can be criminalized in U.S. states

By | 08.09.11 | 12:16 pm

The national anti-abortion rights group Personhood USA, whose main efforts are to help states pass so-called “personhood” constitutional amendments, has been promoting avideo that makes a state’s ability to criminalize abortion seem rather simple.

New bills in Alabama would grant personhood at the ‘moment of fertilization’

By | 04.04.11 | 1:57 pm

Image by Matt Mahurin

UPDATE: April 5, 11 a.m. This article was amended for clarification and adds a response from Personhood USA to claims about personhood initiatives made by the American Civil Liberties Union.

Alabama lawmakers last week introduced three heavily-sponsored bills that in concert would change how a person is defined in the More…

Questions Raised About Ken Buck’s Record Prosecuting Rape Cases in Colorado

By | 10.11.10 | 12:19 pm

Five years ago, Colorado’s GOP Senate candidate Ken Buck refused to prosecute a rape case while acting as Weld County District Attorney, reports our sister site the Colorado Independent, and with three weeks before the election, all the lurid details are getting dredged up once again:

The alleged assault