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Palin breaks silence on Tucson

By | 01.12.11 | 10:33 am

At 6:52 a.m. EST this morning, former Alaska governor Sarah Palin posted a 1,141-word Facebook post with an accompanying eight-minute video responding to the Tucson shootings at length on the same day President Obama is scheduled to travel to Tucson to speak. The response comes as a reply More…

Social Conservatives and the 2012 Hopefuls

By | 09.20.10 | 10:03 am

Luke Johnson’s piece on the Values Voters Summit, which took place in Washington this weekend, provides a nice look into the ongoing war over the importance of social issues for GOP voters — as well as a window into why it will be hard for Republicans to nominate a More…

Christine O’Donnell Tells Conservatives To Charge Ahead

By | 09.17.10 | 5:29 pm

After her surprise victory over Rep. Mike Castle in the Delaware Republican Senate primary, sudden national figure and social conservative heroine Christine O’Donnell gave her speech to the Washington media and a crowd of social conservative activists Friday afternoon here at the Values Voters Summit at the Omni Shoreham Hotel. More…

The Democratic Party’s New Boogeyman

By | 09.14.10 | 4:50 pm

The Palin brand is undergoing yet another test today in Delaware among Republicans — will her endorsement energize conservatives in Sussex County to get out the vote for Christine O’Donnell in record numbers, or will the high profile, out-of-state intervention rile the state’s moderate GOPers to turn out and oppose More…

Is Tea Party Express Providing Illegal Support to Christine O’Donnell?

By | 09.10.10 | 10:19 am

In the wake of the Palin endorsement in Delaware, another subplot is brewing. The Delaware GOP, which is backing Rep. Mike Castle (R-Del.) for the Republican Senate nomination, has filed a complaint with the Federal Election Commission that accuses Tea Party Express and their chosen candidate, Christine O’Donnell, of More…

Palin Facebook Nod Upends Georgia Race in a Heartbeat

By | 07.15.10 | 2:13 pm

Another Facebook endorsement from Palin, another race turned on its head. This time it’s the Republican primary race for governor in Georgia, where state insurance commissioner John Oxendine had been maintaining a decent lead over a crowded field. But no longer. Former Georgia Secretary of State Karen Handel, the More…

The Return of Obama Waffles

By | 02.26.09 | 11:50 am

Frank Enten is a fixture at CPAC, a cheery military veteran with boxes and boxes of presidential and political memorabilia. Here was one of his display items this morning:

Has Sarah Palin Lost Her Shot at Running Health and Human Services?

By | 02.18.09 | 11:32 am

Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin (who has been well-covered by TWI) pays some back taxes.

The governor’s office wouldn’t say this week how much she owes in back taxes for meal money, or whether she intends to continue to receive the per diem allowance. As of December,


What Women Want: Identity Politics

By | 02.06.09 | 10:12 am

This uncharacteristically lazy Yuval Levin essay on Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin is making the rounds, but it doesn’t contain anything that wasn’t hashed out on talk radio and blogs four months ago. To wit:

The Palin moment … exposed the vulnerability of the Left to a challenge to its


Shotgun Wedding No More

By | 12.30.08 | 8:45 am reports that Bristol Palin, daughter of former GOP vice presidential nominee and Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, gave birth over the weekend.