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How You Know Obama’s Winning

By | 12.11.09 | 11:03 am

Just an addendum to Dave’s insightful post: when you see conservatives lauding President Obama’s Nobel speech or his Afghanistan policy by, say, comparing something to George W. Bush’s speeches, that’s how you know Obama is winning. Appropriation and recontextualization is the tribute political vice plays to political virtue. Democrats More…

Conservatives on Obama’s Nobel Speech: Keep It Up

By | 12.11.09 | 10:37 am

The conservative reaction to President Obama’s Nobel Peace Prize address is not universally positive, but it’s close. Kathleen Parker, whose conservative but surprising nature is captured very well in this profile, writes that the speech closed the book on a tentative period of Obama’s leadership.

Though the Oslo


A Nobel Clue to How Obama Will Deal With Iran Next Year?

By | 12.10.09 | 5:09 pm

Time is almost up for the Obama administration’s “dual-tracked” approach to Iran. As the Islamic Republic keeps rejecting the administration’s diplomatic outreach and moving forward with its nuclear program, the administration is primed to turn to the U.N. Security Council early next year to seek authorization for a program of More…

Too Many Words!

By | 12.10.09 | 11:39 am

Victor Davis Hanson, the military historian-turned extremely predictable critic of President Obama, writes a slam of the president’s Nobel PeacePrize speech for National Review, knocking it for “verbosity”: “4,000 words plus!”

The post in which Hanson makes the criticism is 675 words; before reading the speech he published More…

A War President Accepts the Peace Prize

By | 12.10.09 | 9:28 am

President Obama accepted the Nobel Peace Prize in Oslo today — and in doing so, he acknowledged the wars America is fighting and sought to justify his role in the Afghanistan conflict.

“Perhaps the most profound issue surrounding my receipt of this prize is the fact that I am the More…

Charles Hurt Really Wants the President to Succeed

By | 11.10.09 | 4:59 pm

Michael Calderone gets a mostly denial from the New York Post on Sandra Guzman’s claims of bigotry and bias inside the paper. There’s even some pushback on Guzman’s allegation that Charles Hurt, the paper’s D.C. bureau chief, considers it their mission to “destroy Barack Obama.” I don’t see why: More…

NY-23: Newt Gingrich for Scozzafava

By | 10.16.09 | 10:25 am

The former Speaker of the House bucks the tide somewhat and endorses the GOP candidate in New York’s special election. The statement comes with typical Gingrichian hyberbole:

The Republican Revolution in 1994 started very much like what we see today. Like then, our country is reeling from misguided liberal


Pat Buchanan: ‘The Affirmative Action Nobel’

By | 10.14.09 | 11:32 am

The conservative commentator, who regularly gets away with statements that would get less popular pundits banned from the airwaves, doesn’t pull punches in his column on the Nobel Peace Prize:

Not Only Republicans Attacking the Nobel Committee Today

By | 10.09.09 | 12:52 pm

Here’s Mairead Maguire, recipient of the 1976 Nobel Peace Prize, blasting today’s surprise announcement that President Obama has been named the newest honoree.

They say this is for his extraordinary efforts to strengthen international diplomacy and co-operation between peoples, and yet he continues the policy of militarism and


For Neda, for Aung San Suu Kyi, for the American Soldier

By | 10.09.09 | 12:22 pm

To build on Aaron’s post, the most important — and resonant — portion of the president’s remarks on winning the Nobel Peace Prize came when he said who he shared it with.

This award must be shared with everyone who strives for justice and dignity — for the young